Author: Kyaw Tan

 The enhancements are focused on improving hybrid collaboration experiences to foster a more secure and inclusive work environment.

Anchante™ is a cloud-based solution that provides the most efficient work-from-home or collaboration. It can be used as a standalone solution or coupled with third-party technologies and solutions.

 The improved functionalities make  Anchante™ even more versatile and aimed at personalized meeting experience. It simplifies individual and team meeting interactions while driving effective collaboration.

The key updates include the following:

  • Improved security and compliance

Anchante already had one of the market's most secure video conferencing platforms; now, the company has announced even more security enhancements to the service. Anchante™ will now feature DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and Retention combined to ensure security and compliance for all Anchante users participants.

  • More engaging and immersive meetings

The recent updates will make Anchante™ even more intuitive and facilitate fluid and compelling meeting experiences for all participants, regardless of their work mode — office or home. 

Users may now overlay a presenter on top of shared information, offering a more natural, inclusive experience in virtual and hybrid settings that replicates in-person presentations. 

This feature places presenters in front of any material or app, moving beyond slides to provide a more dynamic and creative meeting experience.

About Anchante™ 

Anchante™ was designed for tech-savvy teams to help amplify sales, marketing, and customer success teams and attract new customers through effective video interactions. Now users have everything they need in one place – from automated scheduling and advanced video conferencing to embedded files and connected apps.