What is a Customer Journey Map (CJM) and how to build it correctly

The Customer journey map (CJM), or user path map, is a tool that helps improve the customer experience. We tell you with examples how to build a map and with which tools it is more convenient to do...

E-Commerce 2021: Trends & Technologies

   Although e-commerce is a fast-growing industry, COVID-19 has further accelerated its transformation. According to forecasts by the Adobe Digital Economy Index, global online sales will reach $4.2...

Let's talk about cookies

Cookies are small files stored on computers and gadgets, with the help of which the site remembers information about user visits. What are cookies?  Simply put, when a user performs some action on...


News 7

An exciting mobile version of our robust analytics tool. It travels with you everywhere providing instant reliable reports. Mobile version is intuitive in use and a true life-saver wherever you go....



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