Anchante™ system of audio & video conferencing 

Full functionality of audio & video calls for corporate use


Video conferences

Local and external calls

Lectures and webinars

Multifunctional chat



Secure connection for your business. Conferences, meetings, business negotiations: any in-company communications will be fast and private.


You can chat with your customers straight from your online shop page!


A broad range of opportunities for call centers and support centers. Client identification, built-in ticket system, integration with all popular CRM.


A student and a teacher can be on opposite ends of the earth. Anchante will help you to set up the educational process in the online mode for any number of students. 

We have special prices for public educational institutions!

All platforms. All devices.

Android, ios, blackberry, windows, macos, linux, Windows Phone and even some rare platforms like tizen, Ubuntu Touch, etc.

No public access

In order to ensure additional security level, all versions of our software available only to our clients. Contacts us if you want us to carry out a demonstration for you. 

Strict bind to devices

You can manage the list of devices that will be authorized to your corporate network. 

Data encryption on all stages

We focus on the security and privacy of your calls. The application of unique encryption technologies makes the data leakage absolutely impossible. 

Your calls will stay private

Is that what you need?

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