Frontend Development Trends of 2022

The year of 2022 is coming to an end, and it is already possible to analyze its main trends in the field of frontend development. Let's look at the key industry trends that developers should take into account in order to keep up with competitors.

Changes in frontend development happen all the time. Developers need to monitor them regularly to stay competitive. Below we have collected 9 main trends in the sphere in 2022.

JavaScript remains the main frontend language

JavaScript remains the leading frontend programming language. The largest number of libraries and frameworks have been created for it, where each developer will find tools to solve their tasks. Angular, React, and Node remain the most popular JS frameworks.

Static websites are trending again

What are static sites? These are web resources that do not need to connect databases to store information. Such resources essentially do not need backend functionality. Static sites are inexpensive, they are safe and work much faster than dynamic ones — this is the secret of their popularity.

Chatbots based on artificial intelligence

Chatbots based on artificial intelligence (AI) answer users' questions, help businesses build long-term relationships with customers, and improve the quality of service. AI bots have learned to recognize human speech, adequately and logically answer users' questions, the most "advanced" bots are able to maintain a meaningful conversation and joke. If you haven't used the capabilities of smart chatbots in your projects yet, it's time to fix it.

The growing popularity of Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are websites for mobile devices that are indistinguishable in appearance and user functionality from conventional applications. The strengths of PWA are:

  • fast operation — most of the data is stored in the cache,
  • loading in seconds,
  • the ability to fully work offline.

The most important advantage of PWA is a radical improvement in the user experience. A natural consequence of this is the high conversion of such resources.

The return of fashion to single-page websites

Single-page websites are not new for a long time, but thanks to their advantages, they have returned to the trends of web development this year. Let's list the strengths of one-liners:

  • The main advantages are cheapness, speed of creation and high speed of work.
  • Single-page resources are not overloaded with intricate navigation and tons of content. Users can find the information they need by simply scrolling the screen.
  • The format of a single-page website is initially very convenient for viewing from mobile devices, which cannot be said about multi-page resources.

Of course, single-page sites are not suitable for all projects, but their popularity will increase.

Including animation in interface design

Although minimalism remains the leading trend in UX/UI design, users are starting to get tired of it. The dosed addition of animated elements to the interface design makes websites more memorable, helps to improve usability and user experience. You can add animation when switching between pages and images, the main thing is not to overdo it.

The main reason for the growing popularity of this tool is that today web developers can add moving elements to a website even without detailed knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery.

The simpler, the better

Despite the fact that users are fascinated by animation and bold design, they still prefer the most easy-to-use sites. The trend towards simplification is one of the key trends in today's web development. It doesn't matter what kind of product you are developing, the main thing is that it should be simple and intuitive for users.

Active development of cloud services

The importance of cloud services and data warehouses is higher than ever today, as more and more teams work remotely. The data stored on cloud services is easily accessible to all project participants, regardless of their location. The demand for such services is steadily growing, and the creation of such products is one of the most promising areas of frontend development.

Abandonment of SQL databases

Another important trend in 2022 is the abandonment of SQL databases. They have disadvantages that complicate the structure and make SQL databases too expensive and difficult to scale. Therefore, developers almost do not use SQL databases when creating projects aimed at future scaling and frequent changes.


What can we say about the near future of frontend development? The key trend in the sphere is simplification and rejection of everything superfluous. JavaScript remains the leading language, and Angular, Node, React are the most popular JS frameworks. AI-based chatbots help to improve user service, and dosed introduction of animation into the interface helps to make the site more attractive.